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About The Walled City

Know About The Walled City

After the establishment of the Delhi sultanate over Gujarat in 1298 A.D, Vadodara became a district town. In 1511 A.D. Vadodara was given as jagir by Muhamad Begda to his son prince khalilkhan. It is said that he founded a new town and named it Quila e Daultabad, after he became sultan Muzaffar shah II in 1511 A.D. It seems that prince khalilkhan built the modern fort of Vadodara, occupying an area of 0.6 sq. km.

This newly built citadel was strong and well-built and the inhabitants of the nearby villages came and settled here taking into consideration the safety aspect. This fortified town in time grew large and drew all the trade of Vadodara. After the construction of the fort, several lakes were constructed towards the north and the East of the fort for the supply of water. The population of the fortified city grew so much that the area of the fort increased towards the East and the south. Within the next two centuries, the area adjacent to the fort also became inhabited. The development, however, continued with the fort as nucleus.

Sarkarwada Walk

VadodaraByFoot brings you two different guided Heritage Walks in the walled city. Each walk covers important buildings of historical importance. During your walk you will also explore traditional urban typologies such as pol, sheri, khoono, khancho etc. The walk also includes some public structures of immense architectural and historical values. Both the walks commence & culminate at Mandvi, the central part of the walled city.

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Route covers 8 heritage spots

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